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Important Notice

Mooreen no longer exists

All remaining events cancelled

: laughing : singing : dancing : learning : supporting : agitating : : hacking : resisting : eating : drinking : loving : living :

Mooreen was a temporary, autonomous, not for profit social centre located in the heart of Sheffield in reclaimed space which owing to city centre regeneration had been left empty, unused and unloved . . . The location was: 33 Earl Street, the old Commerce House, just off the Moor opposite Sainsburys.

For two weeks we aimed to fill the space with life, love and creativity.

This grassroots project was self-organised space, run by collective decision making, mutual aid and co-operation, and free from discrimination against any individual on the grounds of gender, race, age, sexuality, or disability. Mooreen was a place where we can socialize, express our creativity, learn from each other and share ideas and experiences.

So this was your chance to put on that gig, show that film, run that workshop, stop that war, prevent that ecological disaster, undermine that oppressive economic system or just to create the world you'd like to see.

info line: 07989874965


Upcoming Events

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