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No Sweat benefit

No Sweat , drugs and rock and roll
1:00pm Saturday 2 December, to 2:00am Sunday 3 December 2006

No Sweat presents an evening of bands, DJs, drinking, dancing and fighting exploitation at the Mooreen TAS.

The latest in a series of gigs and parties to raise awareness and funds for workers' struggles against exploitation across the world, No Sweat brings you NO SWEAT, DRUGS AND ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. The event will take place in the Mooreen TAS (keep checking for more details, including precise location!) from 9pm-2am. No Sweat will also be showing ‘China Blue’, a film about jean production in China, from 1-3pm.

Acts include Josh Weller and the Availables, The Steadies, The Turncoat, Kingsomniac and NFR Productions. Recommended donation is £3. For more info, email or ring 07961040618. Daniel Randall e-mail: Homepage:

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